The Wanted

You must have seen various articles on how to be a good employee and how to be the perfect candidate for this or that job but this is not one of those articles where you get stories copied from the Internet that are pushed into your faces over and over again. These words are from the heart to every job seeker out there on steps on being THE WANTED ONE.

I guess one of the popular sayings right now in the country is that there are no jobs in circulation and am sure you agree with me that once in a while, we get opportunities to appear in front of one interviewer or the other but after the popular statement “ we will get back to you”, you actually get no flash talk less of an email from these organizations and you are like “ They should have even sent a regret mail”. This article will open your eyes to points if given thorough attention to, should help you become THE WANTED ONE.

THE WANTED ONE is that candidate NO employer wants to see out the door. Even if you don’t have the experience needed for the job, they just want you to stay because they see you as a plus to their organization. THE WANTED ONE knows how to capture whoever it is he or she is being interviewed by.



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